Firehouse Rental FAQ

The Tampa Firefighters Museum offers one of Tampa’s most unique event rental spaces housed within a fully restored 1911 firehouse. We have answered some of the more commonly asked questions below in this FAQ, but feel free to reach contact our Event Planning Concierge if you have any further questions.

Question: Can my caterer cook in your kitchen?

Answer: While we have a spacious kitchen area on the 2nd floor, it is not a licensed commercial kitchen, thus you can not cook food on site.

  • There is no stove or oven.
  • You can, however, use covered buffet trays with Sterno to keep hot food warm prior to serving.
  • We also have a commercial refrigerator that you may use to keep chilled foods cold until serving.
  • The caterers on our Preferred Vendor List are familiar with our kitchen set-up and layout.
Question: Do I have to use one of the caterers noon your Approved Vendor List?

Answer: While it is not required to use one of the vendors on our Approved Vendor List, it is recommended. If you choose a different caterer, we will need to meet with them to assure they are licensed and understand how to safely use this historic building. They will be required to fill out our Event Vendor Application and provided proof of state and local licenses, Food Manager Certification, and insurance in order to provide catering services for your event.

Question: Do I need to purchase insurance?

Answer: Yes. In order to host an event at the Tampa Firefighters Museum, you will be required to purchase a liability policy that covers any building damage or injuries resulting to guests. (Can be bought on-line, cost typically about $150)

Question: What about parking for my guests?

Answer: The Tampa Firefighters Museum has some available parking at the Museum. We also share a 45-vehicle parking lot with the City of Tampa that guests of the Museum may use outside of business hours- weekdays after 6 and weekends.

Question: What does the building rental fee include?

Answer: The building rental fee includes the use of the facility, plus the use of our tables, chairs, and linens.

  • Alcohol service is available for an additional fee
  • A cleaning fee will be assessed and invoiced after the event.
Question: What is your policy on candles, glitter, confetti, fog machines, and taping decorations to walls?/

Answer: The Tampa Firefighters Museum is a historical building and events are subject to the following restrictions:

  • The use of fog machines is not allowed.
  • Taping or hanging items on the walls is not allowed.
  • Open-flame candles are not allowed.
  • Confetti and/or Glitter is not allowed.

View the 1st Floor Layout

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